Host Troupe: Peaks and Pasties


A message from Peaks and Pasties:

"Peaks and Pasties is excited to announce that we will be hosting this year’s Golden Legend Champion Challenge (GLCC) at The Gold Room in Colorado Springs, Co., August 11th -13th, 2017.  GLCC is the ultimate show and competition hybrid that brings Living Legends of burlesque and up-and-coming burlesque performers together in a mentoring program that benefits all involved.  The weekend events will include the protégé/competition as well as a showcase.  We are honored to welcome GLCC into our community, performers and legends alike!  Mark your calendars for this spectacular event and join us! " 



Peaks and Pasties is Colorado’s Burlesque Super Troupe,  burlesque, boylesque and vaudevillian variety troupe. In every show, classic, traditional, vaudevillian and modern talents, along with the art of theater and burlesque is incorporated. Burlesque has enjoyed resurgence in popularity in the past few years; it’s truly an American performing arts form, and Southern Colorado has become a focal point of talent.

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