Photo Credit: Photolena

Photo Credit: Photolena

Gabriella mAZe, executive producer

Born in Boston Lincolnshire, England in the 1950's,  Gabriella began performing in 1970 and is still going strong. Gabriella has been a showgirl, a Burlesque dancer and an exotic dancer. She performed burlesque for as long as she could and when it died out she changed with the times and became a Exotic Feature dancer. Gabriella later moved to the United States to retire but came out of retirement in 2011 when she found out about the Burlesque Hall of Fame.  

Since then, she hasn't stopped: She's been a featured Legend in Atlanta, Ohio. Alabama. Washington DC. Charleston SC. Baltimore. Greensboro NC. PA. LA MA. New Orleans. Dallas TX. Jamaica and Portland. She did her first walk in the Walk of Fame in Las Vegas in 2013 and her first Burlesque Hall of Fame performance in 2014.  Gabriella has also performed in Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Spain, Iran, Iraq, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and North Africa. She has many styles of performance from classic to neo and was voted 2013 winner of best T & A .  She is the producer and owner of the GLCC. 


Bella La Blanc, Executive Director

This award winning, touring performer discovered her love of theatre at a very young age. She hasn’t stopped since. She is a house wife by day and vixen of tease at night.

Her accolades include performing in The Southern Exposure Pageant (NC) and won best group 2012 with Kubrilesque. In 2015 attended and graduated from Coney Island USA's Sideshow School. Winner of Best Singer at the 2014 (DC) and 2016 (VA) Burlypicks and silver medalist at the 2016 (DC) Burlypicks, she is the current reigning “Evil Princess” at The Evil Queen Of Burlesque Pageant (TX). She was also just voted Best Burlesque Dancer for Best Of Gay DC 2016 by The Washington Blade.

She is the owner of Glit-O-Rama Productions based out of Washington DC.  She originally hails from Miami, Florida, but currently calls the state of Virginia home.

Photo Credit: Michelle Cote

Photo Credit: Michelle Cote

Tas DeVille, Webmaster

Originally from New York City and now hailing from Los Angeles, 
Tas DeVille is a vivacious whirlwind of ebony hair and luscious curves who has enchanted many from coast to coast with her sultry voice and voluptuous figure. She makes magic and mischief as a part of the dance troupe R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) at Bootie L.A. as well as the award-winning burlesque variety troupe The Brazen Booties.

Having served GLCC as Executive Director in 2016, Tas has been hard at work with Gabriella and Bella in order to keep the website in tiptop shape, and when she's not managing events and stages, you can catch her all over the greater Los Angeles area performing in a variety of shows, including Monday Night Tease!, Peepshow Menagerie, Triptease Burlesque, Boudoir Burlesque, Bobbie Burlesque Presents: Seduction, Toil and Trouble Burlesque, and Speakeasy Soiree.

The Bengal Bomshell who is naughty and nice with an angel's voice - she is THE Tas DeVille!

Photo Credit: Bella Bird Photography

Photo Credit: Bella Bird Photography

Nox Falls, Marketing AssT.

Nox Falls has been performing burlesque since 2012. She is the winner of 2015 Colorado Burlypicks and recipient of the "Most Fierce" award at the 2015 Burlypicks Finals World Championship. She is here to FUNK you up in the worst way!