Applications remain open until Nov 1st at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.

2020 GLCC Application Rules: PLEASE READ Before Continuing

(1) We welcome all applicants; this includes all ages (18+), styles, gender identities, orientations, sizes, ethnicities, and abilities, as well as previous participants.
(1)(a) Applicants may hold other titles (including King and Queen titles) or have any level of burlesque experience.

(2) All applicants must submit a clear video of their best act. Please note: this video doesn't have to be professional quality and can be filmed in your kitchen if need be as long as it is the best representation of your performance ability. Additionally, the act you submit DOES NOT have to be the act you want to perform if you are selected as a protégé. If selected as a protégé you will be making an act from scratch. If selected as a Gold Member (aka strongest act gets workshopped to perform)

(2)(a) Protégé will be making a brand new act from scratch with your Mentor. No act that has ever seen the light of day will be allowed. You must make a BRAND NEW ACT!!

(2)(b) Gold Member is a non compete showcase. Where your strongest act gets workshopped and up cycled with a member of the GLCC 2020 staff. Grand prize is a slot as protégé for 2021.

(3) Act length must be 4 mins or less; acts outside of these parameters will not be considered.

(4) Upon selection as, it is the performer's responsibility to secure transit to Host state and city.

(5) Upon selection as a GLCC 2020 participant, it is the performer's responsibility to pay for lodging (we will always try to have a special host hotel rate) with the cast of GLCC.

(6) Upon selection, it is the performer(s) responsibility to help the GLCC production team raise funds to assist your mentoring living Legends to host state in order to offset costs for flights, accommodations, and incidentals. Failure to do so with end in forfeit.

(6)(a) If selected to perform (both protégés and Gold Member performers are included in this rule), you will be required to fundraise for the legends. You will have 30 days from your acceptance letter to send us your fundraising proposal. If not, your application is at risk of forfeiture.

(7) Application fee must be paid at time of submitting the application form. The cost of the application is $20.00.The application fees help cover administrative costs in addition to augmenting funds needed to provide for our Living Legends during the competition weekend. Please note this fee is non-refundable, regardless of whether or not the applicant is selected.

(8) No fire or aerial performances is allowed at this time.

(9) No smoking or drug use inside GLCC housing or the performance venue. This is cause for immediate disqualification.

(10) All GLCC participants must adhere to all local and state laws as well as the guidelines of the affiliated venues and events; failure do to so will result in forfeiture of status to an alternate.

(11) For promotional purposes, we might ask you to please send 1 to 3 hi-res photos of you to Please ensure that you have the appropriate rights and releases necessary to use any photos you submit for promotion on both social and physical media.

APPLICATION DUE DATE: Nov 1st, 2019 at 11:59 PM Eastern.


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