Rebel Belle.jpg

Rebel vitale - mentored by Sweetpea

Rebel Vitale, The 2018 Golden Legends Champion is the co-founder of The Savannah Sweet Tease Burlesque Revue and Producer of The Savannah Burlesque Festival! In addition to being a burlesque performer, Rebel has over 20 years of experience in ballet, hip hop, contemporary, modern, jazz, and musical theatre, and currently works as a professional choreographer and dance competition judge! Her burlesque Style is a mixture of dance, dramatics and badassery. This fierce fire ball hopes to be bustin balls and breaking boundaries for many years to come! 


Ivy La Fleur mentored by Gabriella Maze

Born and raised in Calgary, AB, this blonde bombshell is inspired by vintage glamour and the performing arts in every form.

No stranger to the stage as she has left her mark performing around the West including the Calgary International Burlesque Festival, Edmonton's International Burlesque Festival and made her first International debut at 2016's Oregon International Burlesque Festival.

Not to mention she's the Co-Producer of Calgary's new cult classic shows 'Esoteric Bazaar'

Madazon Can Can.jpg

Madazon Can-Can mentored by Matt Finish

Madazon Can-Can is a traveling clown, puppeteer, mime and of course... a Burlesquer.

She is currently in her Masters for Education with a Burlesque emphasis and hopes to give her students a real dose of education (burly style) in 2020.

She won third place in last year's GLCC under the mentorship of the one and only Matt Finish.

She produces, performs and dabbles in drag in Salt Lake City, Utah and if any clown can...Madazon Can-Can.

The Golden Classic (most classic) Delta Rae Dixon
The Golden Edge (most edgy)  Coqette De Jour
The Golden Innovation (most innovative) Tapitha Kix
The Golden Gown (best costume ) Scarlett Letter 
The Golden Stripper (David Eq Bishop 's choice) Rena LaMarr 
The Golden Stripper (Gabby’s choice)  Crystal Mischief
The Golden Smile  Magnolia Minx
The Golden Eye-fuck (best face) Crocodile Lightning 
The Golden Crimson Cherry Pop Pop Poppins
The Golden Maze (Gabby’s choice) Mr. Valdez
The Golden Hustler (highest fundraiser) 1st Loon A Tik
The Golden Hustler (highest fundraiser) 2nd Raphael DelaGetto
The Golden Hustler (highest fundraiser) 3rd Primrose Path
The Golden Evil Regal (formally the Golden Evil Queen) Raphael DelaGetto
The Golden Variety (best variety) Romeo Uncaged
The Golden Ambassador - Mustang Monroe