2017 Legends

Please read below to find out more about our 2017 mentoring legends!

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Gabriella Maze

Born in Boston Lincolnshire, England in the 1950's,  Gabriella began performing in 1970 and is still going strong. Gabriella has been a showgirl, a Burlesque dancers and an exotic dancer. She performed burlesque for as long as she could, and when it died out, she changed with the times and became a Exotic Feature dancer. Gabriella later moved to the United States to retire but came out of retirement in 2011 when she found out about the Burlesque Hall of Fame.  Since then, she hasn't stopped: She's been a featured Legend across the US, including Atlanta, Washington DC, Charleston, Baltimore, Greensboro, New Orleans, Dallas, and Portland. She did her first walk in the Walk of Fame in Las Vegas in 2013 and her first Burlesque Hall of Fame performance in 2014.  Gabriella has also performed in Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Spain, Iran, Iraq, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and North Africa. She has many styles of performance from classic to neo and was voted 2013 winner of Best T & A .  She is the executive producer and founder/owner of the GLCC. Photo by Photolena.

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Judith Stein

Ms. Judith Stein: That lady divine! Canada's golden gift to burlesque began her rollicking international career as a stripper in the mid 1970's when she answered an ad for "topless go-go girls- no experience necessary" and knew she had found her calling as she watched the strippers work their magic on the burlesque stage. Mentored by some of greatest names in this industry in 1974 she too was ready to strip, entertain, and see the world from the footlights of burlesque stage and never looked back! From Alaska to new Zealand and all points in between, "ripping her clothes off in wild abandon" for seventeen years of adventure. From upscale nightclubs to low-down honky-tonks, she finally settled in the small town of Nelson BC, Canada to pursue her love of powder skiing and community. Thanks to Fannie Annie and the Canadian burlesquers, she was re-discovered in 2010.  Judith had, with great surprise and utmost gratitude, found herself once again upon the burlesque stages of North America, doing what she loves.

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Camille 2000

Camille 2000 was known as the Girl for Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, The Cosmic Queen of Burlesque. She introduced Aggressive Art to burlesque with her tribute to Marquis de Sade. Many said at the time that is wasn’t burlesque but rather that it was performance art, though it was indeed burlesque. Camille choreographed this act herself. At the time, burlesque was losing the audience to live nude dance and lap dance, so she was trying to keep the audience, and this performance did draw customers. In the beginning of her career, she did fan dances & prop work choreographed by famous burlesque choreographer Paul Markoff, working tight fitting gowns in the classic old style of burlesque. The last ten years of her career, she also choreographed the Black Widow: a stunning act where she is a Black Widow spider, with a surprise ending. You can read all about Camille in her new book Cosmic Queen so please show your support for our featured legend and purchase this book!


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Madame E

Performing under the name Pearl Divine in the early 1970s, local Bay Area burlesque legend Madame E spent the decade working in the seedier parts of cities like Honolulu, Los Angeles, Guam, and Las Vegas. She encourages new performers to take their craft seriously and take any dance classes: “Standing on stage and taking your clothes off is not performing, as far as I’m concerned, no matter how cute your act is, or how hot your body is.” “Be kind to your sister performers, there’s no room in this business for jealousy or catfighting. It’s a sisterhood. I am so proud of the young women who are keeping the art of striptease alive.”

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Gypsy Louise

She hit the stage once she was legal at 18. Before she was even 20 she had already moved to Las Vegas and was given the opportunity to audition for Shirley McLane for a role in Sweet Charity, as well as other stage productions. She loved Vegas so much she tried her damndest to find her place in the spotlight. Being the petite power house that she is, she did not fit the aesthetic of showgirls at the time. At The Palomino, she hit it off with Paul Perry, hired her as a cashier saying that she was too thin to be on stage, so she studied these amazing performers from afar until one day she was finally allowed her audition, at which point she secured a house spot. Gypsy performed there for many years and decided to hold off on traveling for a while. In 2012, after 30 years of not dancing, she went on stage at BHOF, with the help of The Stage Door Johnnies and her friend Grant Phillipo’s costume/production company. After 40 years she still has close friends and this community became her family. Now, she is a grandmother and great grandmother, and this year she turned 67 years young! Her cups runneth over many times!

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Tiffany Carter

Miss Nude Universe 1975, Tiffany Carter began her burlesque career at the infamous Pink Pussycat in Hollywood, California. An active, in-demand entertainer with Blaine’s American Showgirl agency, Tiffany toured the US, Canada, and Japan from the late 1960’s through the 1980’s. Tiffany has come out of burlesque retirement and become one of the most beloved and booked burlesque legends within the international neo-burlesque community.